Little Messy Buggers


Dogs are just wonderful, aren’t they?

But maybe not so much when they’re on a mad one, totally destroying the house and putting mud everywhere, on absolutely everything after being out in the garden. Bloody nightmare!

I recently had to order some settee covers just to lay out when I am out of the room so I can safeguard against the damage that I KNOW the dogs are going to cause whilst I am away. They’ve really helped a lot, actually. I’ve had to wash and scrub a lot less than before.

Before I ever got a dog I was pretty naive to think that they’re just like us humans and can clean up after themselves and avoid making a mess where necessary. I’m not sure where this way of thinking came from in all honesty, it was ridiculous to think, but now I have learnt that owning a dog is actually like having a child. And I don’t want a child. But I love my dogs. Arggghhhh!

Here are some dog owning tips I have quickly learnt:

Use Settee Covers

As mentioned above, I recently purchased some great settee covers from Chums after numerous hours on my knees scrubbing for hours. It was a lot of heartache, honestly.

You can simply throw over the covers or have tight fitting ones depending on your style and type of settee although I’m not too fussed either way as long as my poor baby isn’t covered in mud. Have a look, you’ll find some that you like just as much as I do. They’re really handy.

I found them after desperately searching Google! haha

Lock the Doors

When you’re not in your living area, LOCK THE DOORS!

Don’t let your doors own your home and roam about like can do what they like. They should learn early on that you are the master and some places are out of bounds to them.

Regular Walks

Dogs get upset and agitated if they’re not walked often enough so don’t let yourself down by ultimately forcing them to misbehave because that’s what happens when they’re stuck inside.

Make it a part of your daily routine to get out with them for at least 30 minutes to an hour depending on how busy your schedule is. It’s all you need to ensure a happy and settled dog rather than one who is going to tear up your chairs and probably even the settee covers! ha

Check Out My New Monster Theme


It’s not Halloween but I love it.

I case you hadn’t heard I have closed down my other blog over at WordPress and have subsequently launched a self-hosted version on my own server. Lost my posts but it’s cool.

Rather than posting just about my professional life and career as I did with my old blog I am going to expand into my personal life, hobbies, opinions and general thoughts which is something I have never done before. You all deserve a little insight after following me for such a long time.

3 Things to Look Out For on My New Blog:


I LOVE buying new stuff. Nothing specific – not really technical gadgets or computer related items as you’d expect but pretty much anything. I’m always looking for a bargain!

I know a lot of people who shop online are not really too bothered about a bargain as much as they are on the high street – it’s a strange psychological thing that I’m hoping to help my readers to change as we all deserve a good bargain on the internet, too. I’ve got this one covered!


You know those Facebook and Twitter challenges where you have to post a picture a day of something happy, fun or interesting? I thought maybe I should get myself out of my super duper comfort zone and do something like this because at the end of the day it’s about growing as a person in life isn’t it? Rather than staying stationary and being afraid of new, unknown things.

If I am doing any challenges they will be tagged with the Hashtag #ToddChallenge both on Facebook and Twitter so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to send in any requests.

Pictures (lots of them)

You know that camera I was banging on about for months on end? “Oh the quality is going to be exceptional, I just need it.” Yes well, I GOT IT. I ACTUALLY FINALLY BLOODY GOT IT!

And yes, I am going to drain my server bandwidth and limit your own broadband and fibre connections because of the amount of picture data you’re going to see crammed into this blog because good ol’ Todd loves his photographs. I actually did my first professional shoot.

Anyway, speak to you guys soon! Follow! 😀